About Nuron

Engineers and Scientists Building Products for Engineers and Scientists

Who We Are

Nuron is a team of talented engineers and scientists who have spent decades analyzing data to make decisions and spark innovation. We built Nuron so that others in our field can drive efficiency and increase productivity. We are redefining the future of research and manufacturing to help solve some of the most complex problems.

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What We Do

For engineers and scientists working across industries, Nuron provides the most advanced Productivity Platform to automate search and analysis of knowledge and data, and to enable knowledge-driven decision-making. When it comes to internal and external knowledge, Nuron capabilities are more powerful than Google, and more useful than IBM Watson.

Our Mission

To increase productivity and creativity of every engineer and scientist. To enable machine-guided decision-making using massive amount of knowledge contents.

Help our customers create the most value by applying the power of artificial intelligence in development and manufacturing organizations.

Meet The Team

Nitin Kumar, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

Phani Dathar

Phani Dathar, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Advisor

Rohit Bansal portrait

Rohit Bansal


Tony Zayas


Ajay Singhal

Ajay Singhal

Product Lead

Gerry Burke portrait

Gerry Burke


Umesh Dowlath

Umesh Dowlath

Materials and Consumer Products

Nidhi Bhutani portrait

Nidhi Bhutani


Interested in working with us?  

We are looking for engineers and developers who are passionate about AI, machine-learning and love to solve complex problems. You game?