Food, Personal Care, and Home Product Companies

Safer, Better, Sustainable, and Diverse Products

Combining human and machine intelligence to develop and manufacture consumer products better, cheaper, and faster.

Fast-moving consumer product industries need to continuously innovate and develop new products to meet changing consumer behavior and demand. This challenge is further amplified due to consumer diversity and narrow profit margins. Nuron is helping consumer product companies accelerate new product development while lowering costs and transitioning to safer sustainable materials.





Product Development

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Pilot and Scaleup

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Engineering & Maintenance

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Marketing & Support

Selected Case Studies


$20M savings per year in scale up costs using 10+ years of pilot data from all global facilities

Self-Organizing Data Knowledge Network Automation Bots Big Data Analysis Global Collaboration Knowledge Discovery

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Automation of competitive intelligence gathering, customer and retail data analysis, and demand prediction

External Knowledge Search Automation Bots Big Data Analysis Machine Learning

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Automation for QA, QC, R&D data organization and report creation reduces human capital needs by 80%

Self-Organizing Data Big Data Analysis Knowledge Discovery Machine Learning Global Collaboration

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Safer and more accurate products with faster time to market and automated skin testing using machine-vision

Self-Organizing Data Big Data Analysis Machine Learning Machine Vision Global Collaboration Knowledge Discovery

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Better performing ingredient leads through new language AI with faster automation for patents, web searches, and papers

Self-Organizing Data Knowledge Discovery Big Data Analysis External Knowledge Search


Development cost reduced by 65% of personal products using machine learning with AI simulations for higher prediction stability and performance

Self-Organizing Data Big Data Analysis Automation Bots Global Collaboration Knowledge Discovery Machine Vision

Solutions for Consumer Product Companies

Nuron offers standard and customized modules and bots to automate work of all scientists, engineers, and marketing professionals working in different organizations in consumer product companies.

Self Organizing Data Lake

Centralize and connect all scientific, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing data.

  • Automatic capture and organization of data from R&D, pilot, and manufacturing 
  • 50%-70% reduction in experimental cost and time using similar experiment and design explorer 
  • Reduced cost and time for pilot trials 
  • > 95% elimination of technology transfer gaps and inefficiencies. 
  • Track and monitor all data
  • and many more use cases

Knowledge Discovery

Powered By NuronAI

One-click search into all data and knowledge

  • AI-search into all internal documents
  • Interactive search in all data from R&D, manufacturing, QA/QC, etc.
  • Image search
  • Machine-reading to provide relevant information
  • Automated search in papers and patents
  • Automated and personalized web search web search
  • Automated search into materials and chemicals related websites
  • and many more use cases

Data Analysis Automation

Powered By NuronAI

Centralize, democratize, standardize, and automate data analysis across all organizations

  • Empower everyone to do effortless complex analysis 
  • > 95% reduction in time for complex analysis, such as gap analysis, DoE, and other data analyses. 
  • Automate complex image and video analysis workflows 
  • Analyze text data with purpose-built language AI 
  • Implement best data analysis practices
  • and many more use cases.

Knowledge Network

Powered By NuronAI

Self-Learning and self-evolving pharma and medical knowledge network.

  • Find connections and associations among process parameters, material properties, analytical measurements, experimental and production conditions, and more from millions of datasets, papers, literature, documents, and images. 
  • Recommendations for similar documents, reports, papers, patents, etc. 
  • > 90% reduction in time for text analysis using machine-reading, such as risk analysis, and information extraction
  • and many more use cases.

Report Automation

Powered By NuronAI

Automate report and presentation generation using all data from, external sources, papers, and patents

  • > 70%-90% reduction in time to prepare reports and presentations 
  • Automate generation of reports and records of batches, samples, DoE runs, etc.
  • 95% risk reduction of missed information

Democratize Machine-Guided Decision-Making

Powered By NuronAI

Enable everyone to build and deploy machine-learning models without coding

  • Use ML with structured, text, and image data
  • Predict experiment outcomes, formulation properties, product performance, etc. using all accumulated data
  • 40-80% reduction in number of experiments
  • > 95% reduction in failure risks
  • and many more use cases.

Nuron MatChem

Powered By NuronAI

Combining public materials and chemical knowledge

  • Automation of search, data, and knowledge extraction from public sources of materials and chemical properties
  • 100-10,000 x reduction in time to search and analyze public information using bots
  • >100x increase in web search relevancy with personalized web search

Seamless Global Collaboration

Powered By NuronAI

Enable collaboration and knowledge sharing across your global workforce 

  • Eliminate tech transfer gaps
  • Capture and preserve institutional, tribal, and personal knowledge of each scientist, engineer, and medical professional
  • Enable effective and global collaborations
  • and many more use cases.