We help engineers & scientists develop and manufacture products faster.

An AI Driven Platform for  Discovery, Analysis & Insight


Reduction in development cost


Reduction in manual work


Reduction in Time-to-Market

.. No other products offers such capabilities

- Lux Research Analysts

.. Nuron can do what we wanted in internally built platforms, and much more..

- Big Pharma with >$40B Rev

no precedents in the market..

- Big Pharma Company with >$50B Rev

Knowledge Discovery

Powered By NuronAI

All internal and external knowledge and data on fingertips. One-Click cognitive search across all sources.

One-Click cognitive search across all sources.

Data Organization

Powered by NuronAI

Centralize all R&D and manufacturing data into Self-Organizing Scientific and Engineering Data Lake.

Automate capture and analysis of data from across the company.

Data Analysis

Powered by NuronAI

Automate and democratize complex visualization and data analysis workflows.

Standardize and centralize data analysis for users across your company.

Knowledge Network

Powered by NuronAI

Connecting data, documents, images, experiments and all knowledge contents by mimicking human brain using Neural Networks.

Building Companies’ Scientific Brain.

Automation Bots

Powered by NuronAI

Automating complex tasks involving thousands to millions of data and documents.

Accomplish tasks in seconds to minutes, instead of hours or days.

ML Predictions

Powered by NuronAI

Democratization of development and deployment of ML predictions by anyone, without knowing programming or machine learning.

Use all accumulated knowledge and data for automating decision-making.

Pharma & Medical

Trained specifically for pharmaceutical companies by combining all public pharmaceutical knowledge. We help pharmaceutical companies to develop and manufacture drugs faster and cheaper.


Materials & Chemicals

New and advanced materials drive innovations in industries from chemicals to space travel. Nuron Materials helps companies develop materials-based products.


(coming soon)

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How Nuron drives discovery, analysis and insight.

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Integrate & Combine Knowledge


Centralize entire company's data and documents


Combine 100 million papers, patents, books and industry specific data

R&D and Lab Data

Analytical, QC, QA, Data/Reports

Production and Pilot Data/Reports

Internal Technical Library Documents

Custom API Integrations

Drugs and Medical Information

Materials Property Databases

230 Million Papers & Patents

The Whole World Wide Web

Other Industry Specific Databases

Extracted, Connected & Cataloged

Cognitive Knowledge Search

Image Search & Recognition

Self-Learning Knowledge Brain

Machine reading documents

Data Search

AI-Based Similarity Recommendations

Big Data Visualization

Interactive Reporting & Analysis

Statistical and Optimization Analysis

Expanded with Custom Data Processing

Virtual Experiment Designer

Custom API Solutions

User and Industry Specific Modules

Customizable Analysis Bots

To Automate Discovery, Analysis, Insight & Decisions 

Design of Materials, Drugs, Products, and Experiments with Machine Learning

Predict and Optimize Processes’ Performances, Successes and Failures in Production