An AI-Driven Platform for Knowledge Centralization, Discovery, Analysis, and Insights.

Automate decision-making across divisions with speed, efficiency, and accuracy


Reduction in Tech Transfer Gaps


Reduction in Failure Risks


Better Product Quality

Transforming how Engineers and Scientists Work with AI

Nuron's platform combines many purpose-built modules that can be easily customized for different use cases, organizations, and industries.

Helping All Organizations

Engineers and scientists work with data of many different types. Their knowledge analysis tasks are complex. Nuron is a highly flexible and customizable platform built to meet the needs of users across organizations. Our low code development approach enables Nuron to quickly adapt to customers needs.




Product Development

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Pilot and Scaleup

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Engineering & Maintenance

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Marketing & Support

Automate Tasks of Engineers and Scientists

Seamlessly integrated Nuron modules connect to various data and knowledge sources and automate tasks.

Centralized Analytics

Global Collaboration

Knowledge Network

Automated Decisions with ML

Self-Organizing Data

Report & Presentation Automation

One Company AI - Search

Automation Bots


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R&D, Manufacturing and Analytical Data

Import from Internal Data Lakes. LIMS, ELN.

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Import from Internal Data Lakes. LIMS, ELN.

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External Contents



Other External Sources

Knowledge Discovery

Powered By NuronAI

One-click cognitive search using both internal and external knowledge sources

Cognitive search across all sources. More powerful than Google!

Self-Organizing Data

Powered by NuronAI

Purpose-built for complex scientific and engineering data from R&D to manufacturing. Custom AI for self-learning and self-organization.

Centralize all data, together. 

Big Data Analysis

Powered by NuronAI

Standardize, simplify, and streamline analysis of data, images, text, videos etc. Automate complex analysis workflows.

Democratize big data analysis

Knowledge Network

Powered by NuronAI

Self-evolving and learning network, connecting data, documents, text, and images with AI. Mimicking human brain.

Building companies’ “Scientific Brain”.

Automation Bots

Powered by NuronAI

Custom automation bots for doing tasks in seconds, instead of days and weeks.

Do the impossible. 

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Report Automation

Powered by NuronAI

Automate generation of reports and presentations, saving many hours every week. 

ML Predictions

Powered by NuronAI

Predict outcomes using all accumulated internal and external data.

Know before you do. 


Global Collaboration

Powered by NuronAI

Enable discussion on each data, document, and experiment to capture "Informal Knowledge". Enhance collaboration, productivity, and creativity.

Unified Innovation.