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Essential Knowledge Platform for Small Groups

Modules and Features

  • Internal knowledge search
  • External knowledge search
  • Essential data visualization and analytics
  • Collaboration features
  • Report and presentation creation
  • Essential automation bots

Installation, Security, and Training

  • Nuron infrastructure
  • Essential data security
  • Essential training and support

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High Performance Platform for Larger Organizations.

Modules and Features
Everything in Essential, Plus

  • Domain-specific language AI training
  • Knowledge network as the foundation of companies' "Scientific Brain"
  • Recommendations and similarities
  • Design of Experiments
  • Similar dataset finders
  • No-code ML development
  • No-code machine-vision
  • Self-organizing data
  • Advanced automation bots
  • Purpose-built data & image analytics- Purpose-configured search
  • Reports and presentation automation
  • Integration with internal sources, instruments, and equipment
  • and many other tools and automation bots for for R&D, manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and sales.

Installation, Security, and Training

  • Private installation or Nuron infrastructure
  • Enterprise data security
  • Enterprise level training and support

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For enterprises with multiple internal organizations

Modules and Features
Everything in Performance, Plus

  • Integration with companies' data lakes
  • APIs integration with internal platforms
  • Customizable user interfaces
  • Unlimited data capacities
  • Nuron development kit

Multi-Organization Architecture 

  • Independent control and administration for each organization
  • Independent commercial contracts with different organizations possible.

Installation, Security, and Training 

  • Private installation within companies' IT infrastructure
  • Meet all data, compliance, and regulatory requirements
  • Enterprise level training and support