Solutions for All Industries

Where Engineers and Scientists Work

The Nuron platform helps connect knowledge from all organizations from R&D to manufacturing, which makes decision-making faster and more efficient.

Engineers and scientists in all industries and organizations share the same workflow for search, analysis and decision-making. Nuron's platform has been specifically designed to meet the needs of engineering and scientific data analysis across all industries. With high flexibility and low-effort customization, Nuron has the ability to meet the needs of all departments and organizations effortlessly.





Product Development

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Pilot and Scaleup

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Engineering & Maintenance

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Marketing & Support

Think Differently With Data

Nuron helps every engineer and scientists to think and work differently by providing all data and knowledge at their fingertips. Nuron enables executives and managers to transform their organizations to become more efficient, productive, and profitable.



Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks, reduce experiment time, and Invent more efficiently.



Predict outcomes and reduce failures to produce better products.

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Transform organizations to increase ROI and enhance productivity with collaborations.

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Faster and more profitable products for a competitive edge and happier employees.

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Data Scientists

Enable ML guided decision-making to automate data acquisition, cleaning, and EDR.

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IT Mangers

Enable digital transformation with full control of Nuron's platform to increase scalability and security.

Pharma & Medical

Trained specifically for pharmaceutical companies by combining all public pharmaceutical knowledge. We help pharmaceutical companies to develop and manufacture drugs faster and cheaper.

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Big pharma is transforming product development, clinical and medical affairs with Nuron, with anticipated annual saving of ~ $100-150M.

Materials & Chemicals

New and advanced materials drive innovations in industries from chemicals to space travel. Nuron Materials helps companies develop materials-based products.


One of the largest personal care company using Nuron to connect all global R&D facilities, and reduce cost and TTM of new products.    


Semiconductor products are now foundation of all industrial and consumer activities. We are helping semiconductor companies develop chips faster, better, and cheaper.


One of the largest semiconductor equipment companies using Nuron to predict outcomes and process optimization using past data.