Pharmaceuticals and Medical

Save lives and create value with faster and economical drug development

Combining human and machine intelligence to develop and manufacture drugs better, cheaper, and faster.

We bring the most advanced AI technologies together to connect, combine, and analyze all public pharmaceutical and medical knowledge and data together in Nuron MedPharma. Integration of Nuron MedPharma with companies' internal knowledge enables machine-augmented decision-making in all organizations.

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Product Development

Seamless tech transfer to scale operations with lower cost and risk through developing formulations faster.

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Implement Pharma 4.0 to predict outcomes and reduce failure risks.

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Clinical Affairs

Increase success and reduce risks for more informed clinical trials with lower costs.

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Medical Affairs

Provide comprehensive medical information for better patient outcomes to save lives.

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Drug Discovery

Better inventions reduce experiments with AI-enabled drug discovery.

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Regulatory and Quality

Increase product quality eliminate missing information risk with faster regulatory application preparation.

Selected Use Cases


70% reduction in R&D and scale up by connecting global facilities and use of predictive machine learning

Self-Organizing Data Big Data Analysis Knowledge Discovery Machine Learning Global Collaberation


Drug Product Technical report bot created $12 M value and saved 160 man-years. 

Nuron MedPharma Knowledge Discovery Automation Bots

Saving 90% of manual data analysis work by automation, standardization, and democratization of complex data analysis.

Self-Organizing Data Knowledge Discovery Automation Bots

fda approval document

Reduced time for FDA application preparation from 75 days to 7 days. Automation of other internal reports.  

Self-Organizing Data Knowledge Discovery Report Automation

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Implementation of Pharma 4.0, QbD, ICH, and other good manufacturing and data practices.

Self-Organizing Data Knowledge Discovery Big Data Analysis

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80% reduction in failure risks by predicting outcome of experiments and finding similar experiments already done. 

Self-Organizing Data Big Data Analysis Global Collaberation Knowledge Discovery Machine Learning

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

Nuron offers standard and customized modules and bots to automate work of all scientists, engineers, and medical professionals working in different organizations in pharma companies.

Nuron MedPharma

Powered By NuronAI

Combining all public pharmaceutical and medical knowledge

  • Comprehensive and customizable technical and CMC reports about any drug, reference product, diseases, pathways, etc.
  • 100 - 10,000 x reduction in time to search and analyze pharma and medical literature
  • > 100x increase in web search relevancy with personalized web search
  • and many more use cases.

Self Organizing Data Lake

Powered By NuronAI

Centralize and connect all scientific, engineering, manufacturing, and clinical data

  • Automatic capture and organization of data from R&D, drug discovery, clinical trials, and manufacturing
  • 30-50% reduction in experimental cost and time using similar experiment and design explorer
  • Reduce cost and time for clinical trials
  • > 95% elimination technology transfer gaps and inefficiencies.
  • Track and monitor every data
  • and many more use cases

Data Analysis Automation

Powered By NuronAI

Centralize, democratize, standardize, and automate data analysis across all organizations

  • Empower everyone to do effortless complex analysis
  • > 95% reduction in time and efforts for complex analysis, such as, CMA/CPP evaluation, stability analysis, gap analysis, and other data analyses.
  • Automate complex image and video analysis workflow
  • Analyze text data with purpose-built language AI
  • Implement QbD and other best practices
  • and many more use cases.

Knowledge Discovery

Powered By NuronAI

One-click search into all data and knowledge

  • AI-search into all internal documents
  • Interactive search in all data from R&D, manufacturing, QA/QC, etc.
  • Image search
  • Machine-Reading to provide relevant information
  • Automated search in papers and patents
  • Automated and personalized web search web search
  • Automated search into FDA, EMA, clinical trials
  • and many more use cases.

Knowledge Network

Powered By NuronAI

Self-learning and self-evolving pharma and medical knowledge network - mimic how the human brain works

  • Find connections and associations among drugs, pathways, proteins, and other pharma and medical concepts from millions of papers, literature, documents, and images.
  • Recommendations for similar documents, reports, papers, etc.
  • > 90% reduction in time for text analysis using machine-reading, such as risk analysis, and information extraction
  • and many more use cases.

Report Automation

Powered By NuronAI

Automate report and presentation generation using all data from Nuron Data Lake, external sources, papers, and patents

  • > 70-90% reduction in time and efforts to prepare FDA applications and regulatory filings
  • Automate generation of reports and records of bathes, samples, DoE runs, etc. 
  • 95% reduction of risk of missed information

Democratize Machine-Guided Decision-Making

Powered By NuronAI

Enable everyone to build and deploy Machine Learning models without coding

  • Use ML with structured, text, and image data
  • Predict experiment outcomes, formulation properties, product performance, etc. using all accumulated data
  • 40-80% reduction in number of experiments
  • > 95% reduction in failure risks
  • and many more use cases.

Seamless Global Collaboration

Powered By NuronAI

Enable collaboration and knowledge sharing across your global workforce 

  • Eliminate tech transfer gaps
  • Capture and preserve institutional, tribal, and personal knowledge of each scientist, engineer, and medical professional
  • Enable effective and global collaborations
  • and many more use cases.