Unique and Unprecented

Building Companies' Scientific Brain

Integrated Capabilities to Assist in All Tasks!

Nuron is an unprecedented and unique platform purpose-built for all organizations working with engineering and scientific data. Nuron has vertically integrated capabilities to convert data into intelligent insights to enable machine-augmented decision-making. Nuron enables everyone to use the power of machine learning and AI in daily work. Automation capabilities can accomplish tasks previously impossible to do by engineers and scientists.

From Data to Intelligence

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Nuron is the unique platform purpose-built to bring raw data to intelligence. We have seamlessly integrated all capabilities necessary to convert raw data into intelligent insights.

In order to convert raw data into intelligence, many steps are required. These include data centralization, information extraction, analysis, machine-learning, and conceptual understanding. Many different platforms and products are available for these individual steps, but none of these generic platforms are built to handle the variety of complex data types needed for engineering and scientific analysis.

Handle Complex Data Types

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Engineers and scientists search, and analyze, very complex data of many types and in many formats. They make decision by combining insights from different data types. Nuron platform is build to handle any type of data and in many formats. Nuron uses many purpose-built AI technologies to process, extract knowledge, and insights from different data types.

Knowledge Discovery More Powerful than Google Search

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Nuron provides One-Click knowledge search in all internal and external sources of knowledge and data, including web search. We use AI-powered search technologies, similar to ones used by Google. Even for web search, Nuron enables personalization, search automation, machine-reading and automation of information extraction of from web pages, documents, data and other contents. This makes Nuron much more powerful than Google web search. And of course full privacy, no ads, no sharing of companies' corporate information.