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Making Medicines Cheaper, Faster, and Better

With AI and Automation

Use of automation, ML and AI by scientists, engineers, and medical professionals can reduce drug development cost and time significantly. Join the webinar to see how!

Pharmaceuticals and Medical

Build ML & AI Models in 30 Minutes

No Programming or ML Experience Needed!

Join webinar to see how Nuron platform enables engineers or scientist to develop and deploy ML/AI models within minutes, without any programming/ML/AI training.

All Industries

Knowledge Search More Powerful than Google Search

See to Believe!

One-Click search into internal documents, images, data, entire web, papers, patents, and other sources. AI-powered search, more powerful than Google Search!

All Industries

Transforming R&D with Automation & AI

Cheaper, Better and Faster!

R&D and scaleup can be made 50-70% cheaper and faster by automating task, machine-guided decisions, and by using all available knowledge and data. Come and see how!

All Industries

Use Machine-Reading To Save Years of Productive Time

Do you wish if you could search and machine-read 1000’s pages to get information and insights you wanted, in seconds? This is possible. Come and see how!

All Industries

Self-Organizing Data. Automated Analysis, Reports, and Presentations

Think Different, with Data!

Automating data organization, analysis, and reports creations can help increase productivity and creativity by 200-300%.

All Industries

Global Pharma & Medical “Brain” : Nuron MedPharma

Connecting all public medical and pharmaceutical knowledge and data for faster medicine development and better patient care.

Pharmaceuticals & Medical

Transforming Food, Personal Care, and Cosmetic R&D

Faster and cheaper way to develop, scaleup, and manufacture new formulations and products.

Food, Personal Care, Cosmetics.

Transforming Materials and Chemicals R&D

Combining human and machine intelligence to develop new and sustainable materials.

Combining human and machine intelligence to develop new and sustainable materials for Earth, Mars, and beyond.

Materials, Chemicals.

Automation and AI in Clinical & Medical Affairs

Nuron MedPharma, automation, and AI/ML can make clinical trials more efficient, faster, cost effective and safer.

Pharmaceuticals, Medical.